Ningbo Fan-U Pet Products Co. Ltd. is one of the subsidiary companies of the China Yoda Group Company , specializing in producing cat trees, pet beds, cat scratchers, pet toys, felt beds , pet car mats, camping tents, and other pet products. The factory is located in Wuyi,one of the most economically dynamic city, where you can find nearly everything. It is easy and convenient to travel to the factory , with the high speed train station within 10 minutes’ distance, and Yiwu airport is only around 1 hour away.

Our produc on Capacity is around 10 containers each month. We have around 30 staff, and 3 engineers focusing on new product development. Our sample lead me is around 5-10 days, and produc on lead time is around 30 - 45 days.

We provide comprehensive pet products solu ons to all our customers around the world. We are growing on a winning strategy with clients and consumers, through our innova ve and quality pet products. Based our on our professionalism , passion , and a trus ng rela onship with partners and clients, we provide expert services for the en re value chain, from supplier to end consumers .

We sincerely invite you to visit the factory and join us in our adventure.